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Welcome to Rawan Family Day Care. Rawan Family Day Care is a team of Early Childhood professionals and support staff who ensure the service provides the highest level of support to Carers, Families and Children.We believe all children are equal and should have the chance to participate in positive learning experiences and opportunities regardless of age, ethnicity, level of ability, gender or religion. We provide to a child in a way that stimulates and develops children's creative, emotional, intellectual, lingual, physical, recreational and social potential.

Rawan Family Day Care aims to provide childcare of the highest quality which allows every child to grow and develop to the best of their physical, mental and emotional potential within a safe, secure and comfortable family environment. In Rawan Family Day Care, we aim to provide quality home based care which meets the Children's Services Regulation, Family Day Care Quality Standard and the policies of Family Day Care Services. We believe in maintaining a professional approach while retaining a family philosophy to your child's care and education. Daily activities provide opportunities to stimulate learning, increase socialisation, promote physical growth and maintain emotional stability.

Our Values

Each child is valued and respected as an individual and encouraged to have a strong sense of identity, self esteem and wellbeing which is achieved by educators positively interacting with each individual child in their play, learning and routines and encouraging and supporting their development. Staff encourage each child’s sense of belonging within the service, encouraging a sense of trust and security. When a child has a sense of belonging they are more confident, feel more secure, are more creative and more likely to explore the world of learning.

In Rawan Family Day Care,

children are encouraged to become confident and involved learners, to be curious, cooperative, creative, imaginative, enthusiastic, persistent and reflective in a safe, secure and supportive environment that encourages the development of the whole child. Play provides opportunities for children to connect their thinking and actions which then facilitates learning.
We recognise and value the knowledge and commitment of the staff and fully support their continuing professional development. We acknowledge, rejoice and incorporate the culture and diversity of people within our community and are sensitive and respectful of varied cultural and religious practices.

Rawan Philosophy

We believe that each child should have a sense of belonging & wellbeing. We believe in providing a balanced and relaxed learning environment where children can express wonder and interest in their environment and be encouraged to have fun whilst being curious, creative, imaginative, confident, take on challenges and be involved learners. We believe that parents and the community play an important role within the centre and their involvement is encouraged and valued.


23 Memphis Drive
Vic, 3029

Phone: 61 3 9369 8383
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0434 701 237/Rawan Duale
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0413 489 279/Mohamoud Mohamed
Email1: info@rawanfdc.com.au
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